All our great tasting products are made fresh with the highest quality ingredients and  signature flavor. Our menu includes loaded fries and  falafel appetizers as well as German Bratwurst and Döner-Gyros-Shawarma entrees. 

Our Bratwurst is made by a local German butcher. You can enjoy it the traditional way in a roll with sauerkraut or go with Germany's all time favorite currywurst and french fries with a crispy roll. Finish this meal by dipping your roll into our special tomato curry sauce and clean your plate ;)

Our Döner-Gyros-Shawarma entrees  are available in 5 different styles: #1 in our oriental pita bread, #2 on a platter with fries, #3 in a cone-box with fries, #4 in a lavash-bread wrap or  #5 in a salad bowl. Customize your order with 4 different protein-toppings(chicken, chicken-beef-mix*, beef, falafel), 4 homemade sauces, 6 veggie- and 1 extra*-topping.  Create your own vegetarian, vegan or gluten friendly meal and get your taste of  an awesome German-Turkish-Mediterranean Fusion.